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Guiding during COVID-19

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Jake was having a hard time adjusting to life during the pandemic and all of the restrictions and routine disruptions that came along with it. Jake came to me for guidance in this trying time. I offered my advice, which was for him to look at the time home as an opportunity to do the things he hadn’t had time for in his busy schedule. I told him to think of what he would like to spend time doing, what he needs to do and what new things he could learn. Jake took my advice and has been studying for his Dog Trainer Certification exam, taking long hikes with the dogs, and practicing his guitar, learning new songs and playing them for his friends over FaceTime.

I shared this with Dr. Gutstein over our weekly webinar and he commented on Jake’s ability to seek out my guidance and how he has the ability to do this because of years of being guided. Jake knows what it means to be guided and he trusts me as a guide. Dr. Gutstein reiterated the difference between guidance and direct instruction. I didn’t tell Jake what he had to do or what he should do. Dr. Gutstein added how crucial it is for Jake to know he has someone he can get guidance and support from while understanding he is using his own mind when deciding what to do. He doesn’t use my guidance as a substitute for using his own mind or to get instructional information.

As a mindguide, I didn’t give Jake a checklist of what to do. Jake didn’t need that. He just needed a different perspective on the situation. I gave him an idea and he used his own mind to come up with ways to handle the situation that worked for him.I love how at the end of this video Jake says he hopes we learn something from this, a direct reflection on his work with the DI Curriculum and his internalization of learning from his own experiences as he transitions to being self guiding.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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