This is a authentic look at how I overcame my challenges with autism and continue to deal with autism on a daily basis. 


My mission is to inspire and educate you about autism so you can reach your own goals and be the best person you can be or to help someone you love.

I started the RDI program when I was nine years old.  At 16, I began the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum guided by my Mom, Kristine Mastronardi and Dr. Gutstein, Founder of RDI, pictured above at the Redefining Autism Conference at Kean University.

Since that time I have presented in San Diego California, at The Love & Autism Conference, Houston Texas at the World Autism Organization and Winnipeg, Canada.  My goal is to continue to present and spread RDI awareness. Intrigued?  Read on!

Let's Get It!



My autism doesn't define me or who I am as a person but it does present me with challenges I have to face on a daily basis.  Some challenges I have successfully overcome. Some challenges I still have to work on.  I believe everyone has challenges but people on the spectrum have unique challenges. 


I want to share my story so I may inspire others and help them be the best person they can be.  Autism doesn't control me.  I learned how to manage it and you can too.  So if you are ready, take a look at what I learned by subscribing to my YouTube Channel, following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Education is the first step. I changed my story and you can too! 


Charlie the friendliest Pit Bull you'd ever want to meet at Saint Hubert's Animal Welfare Center, Madison NJ

Meet My Mom, Kristine Mastronardi

My Mom learned about RDI when I was nine years old and became a Certified RDI Consultant in 2011.

Mom worked with Dr. Gutstein on the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum and guided me through my challenges with autism.  Kristine will contribute blog posts that explain my videos in more depth as it relates to the RDI program.  She will also share her unique perspective as a parent and the challenges she faces as a guide.


Kristine works with families in person and globally, online, using video and video conferencing.  Learn more about RDI on her website.

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