• Kristine Mastronardi

New Driver Alert - Part 2 (Relationship Repairs)

How do we maintain relationships? First of all, we have to care.

We have to understand the benefits of having a relationship. We have to feel that connection. We have to realize doing something with someone else is more rewarding than always being by ourselves.

We have to form memories of those positive moments. Those moments of connection:

The funny moments.

The “we did it together” moments.

The “I’m so proud of you” moments.

We have to be able to handle any breakdowns that occur in the relationship.

We have to be able to take someone else’s perspective.

We have to be curious as to why someone would say or do something.

We have to apologize sometimes.

When we realize we were wrong or we went too far.

We all lose our cool and say and do things we don’t mean.

We have to advocate for ourselves: communicate our wants and needs.

Relationships can be hard work but they are sooo worth it.

I remember when Jake was eight years old and I longed for him to have a friend.

That was before we started our RDI journey.

What I didn’t realize was the path to friendship started with me and the guiding relationship.

It was through that relationship that Jake learned how to form positive memories.

How to make relationship repairs.

How to take my perspective.

How to stand up for himself and tell me what he needed.

He learned the importance of relationships and that they are, most certainly, worth it,

Below is part two of New Driver Alert!

It’s a beautiful example of how Jake learns from his past experiences and maintains his relationship with his Dad under the stressful situations of being a new driver.

P.S. I have a confession to make: I have yet to drive with Jake!

So Kudos to Dad!

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