• Kristine Mastronardi

Love and Autism

Throwback to our presentation at the Love and Autism Conference in 2017, the very first conference Jake and I presented at together!

We shared our story of Jake before we began RDI.

We shared how Jake was avoidant and disengaged as a young baby. How Jake was more interested in objects than people.

We shared how this avoidance led to disengagement.

We shared my struggles as a parent, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to engage Jake.

We shared how Jakes avoidance, and eventual active disengagement led to his isolation.

We shared how he became trapped in repetitive self-stimulatory behavior which we were powerless to stop.

We shared how autism had robbed us of the Parent-Child Guiding Relationship which stalled Jakes dynamic growth and development.

More importantly we shared our journey out of the darkness.

We shared how we restored the Parent-Child Guiding Relationship.

We shared how we began to remediate the devastating effects of autism.

We shared how we went on to become involved in the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum with the founder of RDI, Dr. Steven Gutstein and how Jake is now a successful, confident, engaged, goal oriented driven young man who shares his story to help and inspire others.

Thank you Jake!

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